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The Energy Based Certificate Trading Exchange (EB-Cert Exchange) is pleased to announce the formation and plans to establish a global Energy Based Certificate Exchange and to facilitate the issuing and trading of a number of types of energy focused, asset-based, security instruments.

The energy-based issuers will utilize the EB-Cert Exchange to facilitate (a) the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) of their EB rights Certificates; (b) the trading of their issued EB-Certs; (c) the authorized distribution of the annual or semi-annual EB-Cert payouts; and (d) the distribution of any Bonus issued EB-Certs.

We have entered the age of maturity for many new energy technologies. This maturity has brought improved energy technologies that are being delivered as complete sustainable and green energy systems. The general publics acceptance of these events is changing the energy industry.

Many regional and global investors are interested in funding promising green energy projects and to add investment funds to growing established green energy applications. But the existing investment rules and structures presents many major inhibitors to these investors.

Currently there are a number of systems and processes by which green energy and energy savings projects can be funded. Some include: leasing or mortgage financing; bond projects; the energy service company (ESCO) model and others. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. One approach may be perfect for one specific project but is not for many more.

The green energy industry needs a universal, professional, effective project funding process that is simple to understand, secure, regulated and fair to all parties. When an energy project investor needs to wait for many years for full payback of the investment return and the principal, that is an inhibitor.

When a potential green energy customer is required to encumber real property assets, incur personal debit or long-term liability, that is an inhibitor. There are other inhibitors, but these two alone drive away many potential green energy investors and potential user customers.

EB-Certs Solution

To remove these financial inhibitors, and to assure these new and very efficient energy technologies are available for delivery, a team of highly dedicated professionals have established an energy-based asset funding structure. The structure includes the uniting of technology, organizations and systems to remove these above identified investment inhibitors.

The team is now in the process of opening a global coverage, highly secure, regulated and legal, Royalty Certificate issuing and trading, community and market place; the Energy-Based Certificate Exchange (EB-Cert Exchange).

This new EB-Certs Exchange is a regulated market place, where green and other types of energy system and technology project issuers and investors can join to exchange revenue-sharing rights for investment capital. This is a global marketplace where energy investors can openly evaluate investment opportunity risks and rewards.

A global market place where energy investors can trade investment interests in an energy industry project and are not required to hold-on to an energy investment for five, ten or twenty years. A place where an energy tech startup can acquire initial capital and a growing energy company can obtain capital for expansions using an initial coin offering (ICO) and the EB-Cert Exchange.

The security instrument used to establish these investment assets, is an Energy Based rights Certificate (EB-Cert). The regulated and formal structure used to facilitate the issuing and trading these security instruments is the EB-Cert Exchange.

We are prepared to discuss how the EB-Cert investment instrument and the EB-Cert Exchange can bring needed funding to the many types of energy projects throughout the World. Plus, we welcome discussions on how investors can utilize both newly issued and outstanding EB-Cert ownership, to acquire income producing security interests in green and other types of energy projects, where the investor has an immediate exit option through the EB-Cert Exchange.

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EB-Cert and the Process

Oil and gas, music, patents and other royalties type of security instruments or certificates have been a sound form of investment for many decades. In this context, an Energy-Based royalty project rights Certificate (EB-Cert) represent a revenue-sharing arrangement that includes a right to receive pro-rata earned energy savings dollars from the annual net revenue savings an Issuer receives from the installation and operations of a green or other type of energy system installation.

At the time of the energy system installation at the Issuer’s facility, an independent, third party, professional study is commissioned to establish the pre-install energy usage by the facility. From that usage and payment baseline, the energy savings dollars to be annually paid out to the EB-Cert holders is determined.

These payouts are computed annually on Dec 31 of each year and are paid pro-rata to the EB-Cert holders as of that time and date. The payments are annually computed and made, repeatedly, until all of the EB-Cert invested capital has been returned plus a minimum return guarantee.

Each EB-Cert issued offering has a specific scheduled ending date; however, that date is automatically, without notice, extended, under the terms of the Energy Based Agreement, until the full invested capital amount, plus the guaranteed return has been paid-out in annual EB-Cert payout distributions.

Through the services of the EB-Certs Exchange authorized EB-Certs are openly tradable with ownership maintained in electronic record or security token format.

EB-Cert Investor

An EB-Cert Investor is a party who desires and commits to ownership, until sold or completion of the term of the EB-Cert Agreement. An EB-Cert can be issued by any authorized and approved entity with green or other types of energy sustainable projects.


Under the rules of the EB-Cert Exchange investors’ rights include pro- rata sharing in the energy savings dollars, to be annually paid out to the EB-Cert holders; and the right to sell, buy and trade openly on the EB-Cert Exchange the authorized and issued EB-Certs.

There are a number of reasons to for an investor to include EB-Certs in an investment portfolio. Besides supporting a clean environment and being tradable, they provide a solid source of investment income. They are by design, an investment that includes an early period income guarantee and the security of energy project based assets.

EB-Cert Issuing

Although individual EB-Cert offerings may vary, in general the Issuer, the party desiring funding and owner of the green or sustainable energy system installation project, in exchange for rights to pro rate energy savings, is offering open-trading EB-Certs at a price of $1 USD per EB-Cert. Some Issuers offer early subscription Bonus programs. To enjoy receiving a “Bonus” of EB-Certs, typically the investor must subscribe to purchase a defined number of EB-Certs according to the terms of the subscription Bonus offer and prior to the date the EB-Certs are authorized for open-trading.

The defined offering terms and features are presented in an Issuer prepared Initial Coin Offering (ICO) document, referred to as an ICO Offering Document or White Paper, and the associated offering Energy Based Agreement.

In summary, commonly the EB-Cert holders receive, as revenue-sharing right, in up to eight-five percent (85%) of the annual energy savings from Issuer’s operations for a period of multiple years, that at least results in the full pay-back of the invested capital plus a minimum guarantee, plus any additional amount that may result from savings during the scheduled term of the Energy Based Agreement. The distribution of these earnings are made on December 31 of each year to the holder of record of the EB-Cert at that date and time.

​EB-Cert Valuations

The future cash value of any EB-Cert is not predictable, but there are a number of factors that can have an impact on the trading price of an EB-Cert. First, there is a cap or maximum number of EB-Certs that will ever be issued under the Issuer’s Energy Based Agreement.

Second, any positive increase in the green or other type of energy system installation project’s annual revenue-sharing payout distribution amounts could result in the investment community viewing the EB-Cert as having a positive forward-looking income and a positive future income-based value factor. A decrease could have the opposite impact.

Third, general awareness and expansion of knowledge within the financial community of the opportunity for both EB-Cert income investing and open trading, may create additional EB-Cert traders and investors. The result is a potential increase in demand for EB-Certs.

EB-Cert Exchange

Currently in development, this unique global EB-Cert Exchange will provide a new method of funding and investing in green and other types of energy system installation projects. The commencement of service for the initial offerings of new revenue-sharing Energy Based royalty project rights Certificates, and the daily trading of outstanding Energy Based Certificates, is now scheduled for mid-2019. If you desire to receive advance notice regarding the opening, please use the comment box at the bottom of this page to let us know.

Whether you are a direct investor, a financial advisor to a retirement, mutual or hedge fund or an endowment, or possibly a wealth or family office manager this is an opportunity to experience direct income-based ownership in green and other types of energy system installation projects; plus enjoy the rights to open-trading of the issued EB-Certs as a means of exit to take early profits or depart for other reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to view into the future of EB-Cert based green and other types of energy system project funding. Submit questions or comments on the form below, and our team members will quickly respond.

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